xDSL, FTTx Broadband Services From Firefly Cloud

One of the most common questions we get asked by new clients is "What speed can I get?"
As we believe in straight talking, honest advice, it's an easy question to answer, as fast as your line can take !

What does this mean ?

The Technical Answer

Aside from FTTP, broadband services are delivered to your premises from your local exchange/cabinet via a copper wire. The further you are from your exchange/cabinet, the longer the copper wire. As your broadband signal traverses the copper wire to your premises the signal strength reduces and as such, the reliable speed that can be delivered reduces also. As everyone's location is different, maximum speeds differ.

The Simple Answer

If your line can only get FTTC @ 75Mbps, that's what we'll provide.
If your line can only get FTTC @ 45Mbps, that's what we'll provide.
If your line can get ADSL2+ @ 24Mbps, that's what we'll provide.
If your line can get ADSL2+ @ 9Mbps, that's what we'll provide.
A simple package, a simple premise, one price (depending on package and extras of course) at the best speed you can get.

What about "Superfast" broadband ? (Fibre, FTTC, etc.)

Fibre broadband is delivered to your premises over a standard telephone line, just like ADSL, but unlike ADSL it utilises special equipment installed in your nearest street cabinet which is then connected back to the local telephone exchange using high speed fibre optic cables meaning the broadband signal travel a shorter distance between your premises and the street cabinet and hence a much faster service is possible.

Our fibre service is capable of offering download speeds of up to 80Mbps - roughly five times the maximum speed of standard (ADSL) broadband. However, every line is different, and we expect most customers to receive an average speed of 40Mbps to 60Mbps downstream with a maximum of 20Mbps per upstream which is over twenty times the upstream speed of standard (ADSL) broadband.