Version Update

v16 Update 1 - Call Flow Service, Chat and Live Chat & Talk

Well, that didn’t take long! 3CX v16 Update 1 has just been released and includes enhanced Web Client Chat functionality, in sync with the also updated 3CX Live Chat & Talk. Update 1 delivers the stable edition of the upgraded Call Flow Service to take advantage of the new v16 scripting engine and Call Flow Designer (CFD) combo.

More Chat Features

The upgraded chat functionality in Update 1 enables you to take charge of your messaging. Working in tandem with 3CX Live Chat & Talk, the Web Client’s “Chat” function is now even more powerful with:

  • Web visitor chats to a queue auto-create discussion group with agents
  • Queue agents can take ownership of a chat discussion
  • Transfer chat discussion to another extension or agent
  • Archive unneeded conversations to de-clutter your chat view
  • New intuitive discussion icons
  • Click on the web visitor’s email address in offline messages to respond via email

Check out our online Chat user guide or view our Chat Features video and discover more.

Updated 3CX Live Chat & Talk

The latest 3CX Live Chat & Talk iteration brings along UI customization and usability updates to better integrate with your WordPress or non-WordPress website. Add these to the list of features:

  • Chat Box Icon Customization - Choose a suitable image to configure and personalize the chat box title logo icon.
  • Operator Icon Customization - Configure a personalized operator icon for the chat box, using a suitable image file.
  • Chat Panel Positioning - Simply use the “Position” parameter to set the chat box position to “Bottom Right” (default) or “Bottom Left”.
  • Mobile Browser Default View - As a small but important usability tweak, the chat box is now automatically displayed in the minimized state on mobile web browsers.
  • Pop-out Mode - Taking advantage of v16 Update 1, the new 3CX Live Chat & Talk enables you to display the chat box as a separate pop-out window.

The New Call Flow Service & CFD for V16

Update 1 brings with it the 3CX Call Flow Apps Service upgrade, allowing you to create new or migrate existing apps with the new CFD. The stable Call Flow Apps Service in 3CX v16 is now available on Debian / Raspbian Linux and Windows with:

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