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BETA Update Beefs up Chat to be on par with Web Client

It’s been a while since we last released an update for our iOS app. But it was worth the wait! In this update we’ve focused on the chat functionality within the app, making it almost identical to the one on the web client. This makes switching between apps even easier. 

More chat features and options in the new 3CX iOS app Update BETA

So, what’s new in chats?

  • You can now create a group chat straight from the app, and also name the chat.
  • Added the ability to archive chats. This allows you to have a clearer interface without actually deleting chats. To archive a chat just swipe left over it. You can also unarchive a chat the same way.
  • Chat with website visitors from your iOS app using the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin:
    • Swipe left on any chat to reveal “More” options: Take Ownership, Transfer, End and Delete.
    • Website chats’ icon is different from a regular chat, enabling you to easily distinguish between them.
    • Website chats cannot be elevated to conference calls.
    • Push notifications for website chats show name and message.
    • Website chats to a queue also show the name of the target queue for easier handling.

Try out this update in BETA using TestFlight

As always, we look forward to receiving your comments. 

View the change log

Known Limitations

  1. These features only work when connected to a Version 16 update 1.
  2. When clicking on the profile to change status, icons dont show and appear only when you press the status.
  3. You cannot create multiple groups with the same people. As long as the same participants are selected for the new group the Next button switches to Open and directs you to the already existing chat. In addition, it shows group chat and not the name given to the chat.

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