3CX Temp Install

COVID-19 Lockdown ?
– How will your business cope ?

As the government prepares for a potential Coronavirus pandemic, the onus may be on businesses to find ways to minimise the spread by encouraging home working.
The question is, does your IT network currently support the technologies that make this possible?

Home working can help minimise the spread of Covid-19

As the government’s plans to combat a potential pandemic of Coronavirus in the UK gain significant traction, UK government ministers warn that up to a 5th of workers could be in isolation, having a significant impact on business productivity.

If Social distancing strategies are recommended, more people may be encouraged to work from home, meaning that some businesses need to act now to review their networks, ensuring their ability to facilitate voice and data integration for remote workers.

Currently many businesses throughout the UK are still running on ISDN and PSTN networks. These networks are now recognised as out of date, owing to architecture limitations that restrict the flexibility necessary to support emerging communication technologies. The government’s plans to contain the potential threat of Coronavirus highlight the necessity for those business still running on ISDN lines to switch over to VoIP solutions in order to implement social distancing strategies and facilitate remote working. And, as newer networks will be IP-based, the capabilities to support more versatile technologies means that remote workers displaying potential Coronavirus symptoms will feel empowered to self-isolate, whilst still being able to contribute to essential business processes.

With a pandemic due to be declared imminently, the onus really is on businesses to do all they can to minimse the spread of the virus through allowing home working where possible. 

PBX Hosting For Temporary, Emergency Installs

Designed for 1 month's service only(*), this is ideal to quickly deploy upto 50 extensions to allow your business to continue to operate in the event of "social distancing" - without the need to replace your existing hardware !

How does it work ?

You provide us with the names and email addresses of your employees, we deploy the server and phone system. Your staff are then emailed a link to download the app from their App-Store (Apple/Google) and also a small config file, this will then allow them to make and take calls as if they are still in their main place of work.

They may be isolating but that does not mean your Business should be run at a detriment.

* Should you require the service after 1 month, other costs and contract terms would apply.